Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" Leaks; Interscope Execs' Tears To Water FarmVille's Crops

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Last night--just after your trusty SOTC blogger left the office, as a matter of fact--Lady Gaga's Born This Way leaked, thrilling impatient pop listeners and giving the Web Sheriff an entirely new headache. A cursory listen so far reveals a lot of homages, unsurprisingly, to pop's darker sides during the late '80s/early '90s--heavy dance beats that sound like they were scraped off a dumpster, the occasional German accent, stinging guitars, and, of course, drop-the-façade ballads that evoke the most garment-rending heights of Desmond Child and Diane Warren (And while the lyrics could use a bit of editing here and there, "I want your whisky mouth/ all over my blonde south," from the surprisingly downtempo "Heavy Metal Lover," is pretty wonderfully risqué.) More to come as the day goes on--especially given that Gaga herself has yet to weigh in--but for now, feel free to share your first impressions here.

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 Wow, I really was not expecting this. It's so different from where radio is today, it feels like pop for this decade

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