A Clip Of Young Vin Diesel Rapping (Or Trying To) Over Arthur Russell's Beats Has Surfaced

Categories: Nostalgia

Back in the '80s, New York's downtown brought together lots of people, and, well, let's just let the official description of the file take over here: "Fragments of an aborted recording session at Battery Sound NYC in 1986 which brought together fledgling rapper Mark Sinclair--today better known as the actor Vin Diesel--and avant composer/dance music maven Arthur Russell in a project midwifed by Gary Lucas, who discovered Mark Sinclair rapping and break-dancing on the streets of the West Village, and greenlighted by Geoff Travis of Rough Trade Records and Barry Feldman of Upside/Logarhythm records." The audio's unembeddable so you'll have to click over to SoundCloud, but it's worth it; also, that's Mark/Vin breakdancing in the above clip, in case you're wondering. (What, was I going to illustrate this post with the poster from The Pacifier?) [via SOTC lifetime pal Zach Baron]

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Mark Is pumped on MetRX and anabolics making it big now instead of hustling on the streets.

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