Today's Probably Inevitable Nostalgia-Related Development: Bush Is Playing The Bowery Ballroom Next Month

Here is what your fetishism for the alt-rock era has wrought, aging Gen-Xers: Bush, the grunge-era band fronted by the very pretty Gavin Rossdale and responsible for at least one great song ("Swallowed," from the 1996 Steve Albini-engineered album Razorblade Suitcase, as seen above), will headline a show at the Bowery Ballroom on July 28. (Even the press release attached to the show announcement dispenses with the real talk: "By the end of December, Bush's 'Everything Zen' video had landed in MTV's Buzz Bin and the album began to take off; by spring of 1995, the record had gone gold, despite a stack of bad reviews." Ouch! Although I guess it sets up the sort of "up the empire" narrative that would go on to characterize so much alt-rock radio posturing that followed.) Tickets go on sale at noon tomorrow; no word on if a screening of the 1996 stalky-boyfriend flick Fear, which used Bush's music to great effect, will somehow be bundled into the evening's proceedings. But we can hope!

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