Lady Gaga's Born This Way Gets The No. 1 Spot It Was Probably Born To Have

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Congratulations to Lady Gaga, whose album Born This Way beat out the projections and moved 1.1 million copies in its first week for the top slot on the Billboard 200 and the best seven-day sales tally since 2005, when 50 Cent's The Massacre moved 1.14 million copies over the span of a week. It just goes to show you that the combination of super-deep discounting, scorched-earth ad campaigns, tireless promo on TV and really good songs can translate into lines forming at the cash register! Now, who's going to try and step up to that plate next?

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Is that seriously the cover art? I mean, it's terrible--the chrome letters, that fake shine, yuck--but it makes the good Lady's accomplishment all the more impressive.


It is! When it was initially announced Gaga's fans were so shocked they thought it was some sort of weird "betrayal" promo tie-in to Judas.

Chris Molanphy
Chris Molanphy

A commenter named Jonathon Hansen and I are having a level-headed, un-Britney-related debate about the Amazon-99¢/Billboard-chart controversy in the comments on my Friday "100 & Single" post (linked above, and here).

I welcome additional (non-stan-like, non-conspiracy-minded) commentary from anyone who has an arguable point about what Billboard should have done. It's not a simple question! Over the weekend, I had lunch with a buddy of mine who works in the industry, and even he and I didn't fully agree on what the correct outcome on the album chart should have been.

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