Nirvana's "Sliver" And "Dive" Get A Reggae Makeover

Above, the reggae singer Little Roy takes on the A and B sides of Nirvana's "Sliver"/"Dive" single, which is almost 21 years old as of this writing. Both covers are surprisingly enjoyable to listen to—raise your hand if your first reaction when hearing the phrase "reggae Nirvana cover" is the mental image of being trapped in a lousy college-town bar on open-mic night—but "Dive" is particularly revelatory, with Roy's wail matching Kurt Cobain's strangled wail quite effectively. The songs are available digitally now, and Ark Recordings is putting them out on a 7-inch later this month. [Hat tip to Jimmy A and Line Out.]

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I totally expected something way more douchey. This has the sound of an early '70s Trojan side. Not bad. At all.

Chris Molanphy
Chris Molanphy

Purchased at Amazon MP3. Thanks for the heads-up! The revelation was "Dive," which in reggae form has a toughness (tuffness?) I wasn't expecting.

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