For Those Of You In The Mood For A Late Lunch, A Few Suggestions From The #cafemerge Menu

Spoon would like to remind you that setting the table is just as important as making the food.
Ah, summer Fridays, where the conditions are pretty much ideal for incubating pun-filled Twitter joking. Thanks to Best Show on WFMU co-host Tom Scharpling and the music-licensing company Bank Robber Music, Twitter this afternoon was taken over by people riffing on the catalog of venerable indie Merge Records and various foodstuffs. Hilarity followed, as did a potential menu for a dinner party before this weekend's big Archers of Loaf gigs.

To drink:

(Yes, I'm quoting myself. But this wine matches the meal overall. Plus: Wye Oak! The best!)

In the bread basket:

First course:

Here's Where The Spring Mix Comes In #CafeMergeless than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

The main protein:

"A Chicken with its Head Cut Off, Gizzards Removed, Parts Separated, Breaded, and Deep-Fried" #cafemergeless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

With perhaps a bit of:

On the side:

To share with your best punk-rock friend:

For dessert:

Or for the less health-conscious:

An after-dinner drink:

And finally, if you're in the mood for a particularly irascible breakfast:

Short Stack Motherfucker #cafemergeless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

If you make this meal, send pictures our way!

[Hat tip to Matt LeMay, who had a bunch of good ones, too.]

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