Panda Bear Is Playing At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg Next Month

Get ready, Bearliebers: Noah Lennox, d/b/a Panda Bear, has announced a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 3, with tickets going on sale this Friday; there's also a presale tomorrow. That's the hazy, just-released video for the vertigo-inducing Tomboy track "Slow Motion" above, by the way. I fully admit that I do not get the whole trapped-underwater-with-tape-loops aesthetic of this particular act, by the way (and I have tried, but I wasn't kidding about the vertigo-inducement thing!), but I know that there are lots of people—and people who read this very site!—who do, and news must be reported, etc., etc.

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We're at a strange point in culture when you have to apologize for announcing a popular indie band. Is this because someone accused you of being an Animal Collective fan when you spoke of Gaga is less than gushing (although still overall quite positive) terms?

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