A Brief List Of The Things That Entered My Brain While Watching Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" Video

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• "Dancing On My Own" (duh)
• Flashdance
• Herry Monster

• The horrifying possibility of a high-fashion reinvention of Buttafuoco pants... for chicks
"Speed" from The Apple (because of the alignment of the spotlights shining on her from the walls)
• Having a cake with a Robyn cake-topper
• Or a music box that tinkled out this song while Robyn spun the way she does at the end of the video
• The realization that if I was the titular "your girlfriend" I probably would not enjoy this song as much as I do
• A high-school gym
• Dancing by myself at high school dances, losing myself in the music just enough to make up a bunch of steps that caused me to have a fantasy that I was in a video pretty much like this one


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If Gaga gets called for biting from Madonna, shouldn't someone call Robyn for biting from late 80s british pop/house diva Yazz? Or am I the only one who remembers her? Not that i'm upset, it's just what I think every time I see Robyn, lately. "The Only Way Is Up" was my jam.


I love the intertextuality of this video and dancing on my own's. as well, the two songs go together thematically.

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