Please Enjoy This Brief Clip Of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, A Pumpkin, And A Basketball Hoop

In the above video, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar slam-dunks a pumpkin in honor of the Smashing Pumpkins, because the Internet demands absurdist content to feed its perpetual-motion machine. I would have preferred a recreation of the Airplane! scene where some smartass kid starts smack-talking Kareem-in-disguise's basketball skills while the former Laker is pursuing his side career as a pilot, if only because it would allow lead Pumpkin Billy Corgan to play up his "biggest heel of the '90s" side that is quite enjoyable to watch from afar, but we all have to take what we can get these days.

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Maybe the next one of these can feature tall music critics dunking. Miss u, Rob.

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