Five New York-Inspired Dogs From Christopher Weingarten's Hipster Puppies, Which Is Out Today

Today marks the publication of SOTC local-music/lousy-music enthusiast Christopher Weingarten's Hipster Puppies, the blog-gone-book that pairs adorable photos of dogs with withering critiques of American youth culture circa, well, now. (Here are some online merchants selling it, or you can just head to your local bookstore and pick up a copy.) Chris was inspired by his daily life as a freelance writer/rabblerouser to write more than a few of the book's captions, and here he shares with us five of the captions spurred by his time in New York City.


Meredith Jones
bagel spent $18 on nitrate-free bacon and $16 on his wife's anniversary gift

I wrote a huge chunk of the book just walking up and down Bedford Avenue, taking notes on everything and everyone I saw. One of the health food stores south of The Bagel Store posted a flyer advertising "nitrate free bacon." I honestly have no idea what nitrate free bacon is or what its supposed health benefits are, but I was definitely tickled by brooklyn's complicated relationship with bacon. It's one of the fattiest and unhealthiest things you can put in your body, but we demand ways to make it somehow "healthier" as opposed to the exponentially better for you "not eating bacon."

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