Two Of The Songs On The New Kidz Bop Compilation Originally Had Titles That Couldn't Be Printed In A Family Newspaper

Clutch the pearls and cue the outrage, or at least the next round of thinkpieces about "raunch pop": The latest edition of Kidz Bop, out today, has on its track list sanitized versions of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" and Pink's "Fuckin' Perfect" (they're under the guises of "Forget You" and "Perfect," respectively). If you feel like hearing how awkward the lyrical switches are, feel free to head on over to iTunes for a taste. I guess "I hate your ass right now" is a bit too strong of a sentiment for the delicate ears of today's youth? Anybody want to do a Facebook spot-check and see if this is the case?

Of course, wayyyyy more objectionable than the fact that sanitized versions of both "The Song Formerly Known As 'Fuck You'" and "The Song Formerly Known As 'Fuckin' Perfect'" are included on the newest compilation of kids harmonizing along with the current moment's biggest pop hits—the 20th installment, not counting the genre-specific offshoots, for those of you keeping track—is the fact that the Far East Movement's still-assaulting-innocent-ears "Rocketeer" Jessie J's execrable, disingenuous "Price Tag" are also on there. (Hashtag rap and post-capitalism—what are we teaching our children?)

I asked our resident profanity expert Christopher R. Weingarten for his thoughts on this development, and he's not all that surprised, given that they've covered the wedding staple "Hey Ya!"—albeit with the bit about the female orgasm removed:

And from the "it could always be worse" files: At least the censors over there didn't glom their awkward rewrite styles onto Enrique Iglesias' not-at-all-subtle "Tonight I'm Fuckin' You." Yet, anyway.

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