The Olivia Tremor Control Will Play Le Poisson Rouge This September

This just in: Athens pop outfit the Olivia Tremor Control, members of the sprawling Elephant 6 collective and experts at blending the outlandishly pop with the brain-twistingly not, will tour this fall on a jaunt that includes a September 21 stop at Le Poisson Rouge. Ticket info is on the way, but for now Tickets are on sale now; five reasons why this is fantastic news, below.

Critical bias: When I was in college and immediately afterward I saw these guys in 10% of this nation's states. (California, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York.) So, you know, this is pretty exciting.

"I Have Been Floated" (live)

"The Opera House" (live)

"A Peculiar Noise Called Train Director" (live)

Peel Session from 1997:

Part 1

Part 2

[Pic via Pitchfork; hat tip MTS.]

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Jim Testa
Jim Testa

Maura, was the Rhode Island show at the Terrastock convention?  I was there for that too, amazing festival!


It was! It blew my mind (and my eardrums).

Joe Turner
Joe Turner

 I was there at Terrastock, playing with Abunai!, and my jaw was in the sub-basement by the time both OTC and Neutral Milk Hotel were done. I taped the OTC set, in fact:


Oh my gosh, wow, thank you!!!

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