Meet the Juggalo: Matt-O, a Young Man With a Charlie Sheen Winning Sign

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photo by Nate "Igor" Smith
Matt-O from Ohio. Why he made this: "He's fucking winning, man! Look at him!"

Name: Matt-O from Elyria, Ohio
Age: He'd just turned 24 at midnight.
Occupation: Drywall finisher "doing construction shit"

Why'd you make this sign?
He's fucking winning, man! Look at him!

Charlie Sheen showed up really late tonight. Did you think he would blow off the Juggalos?
You know, I had this motherfucker out all day. And fucking, ah, he didn't show up. I heard his plane got delayed. Somebody else told me, "Oh, Sheen, pussed out, he's not showing up." I'm like, "Man, fuck that guy, I'm taking it back to my tent." I took it back there and I hear him come out!

What do you think about Charlie Sheen being down with the clown?
I think it's sweet as fuck, man. Juggalos, man, we got Charlie Sheen! We got George Clinton on our shit, man! It's awesome. Ice Cube, all kind of shit. Fucking crazy, man, That's fucking winning, for real.

Have you heard much negativity from other Juggalos about Charlie Sheen coming here?
No, I might've heard one or two people say, "Oh, fuck Charlie Sheen, or something like that." But I walked up here from my campsite and I got a bajillion pictures. Everyone was like, "Dude, that's a sweet sign!"

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oh yeah fun ! Love me some Charlie Sheen and mainstream medias can fu..K o..F pretty hard !!The guy is a pretty unique character and the Juggalo Fest is pretty unique too, i can't go this year but i would so much want to be here, whoop, whoop !! Enjoy the fest Matt-O !!

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