CMJ Just Added About 900 Artists To Its Lineup

The full list of bands scheduled to play during next month's festival is alphabetically arranged for your convenience here. Nestled in the multi-paginated list of potential next-biggish-things: En Vogue! Who apparently were supposed to release a song called "I'll Cry Later" earlier this week, although there's no record of its existence anywhere online yet. I know, I know, '90s nostalgia blah blah. But "Don't Let Go" is such a fantastically over-the-top ballad! (It's below.)

CMJ runs all over the city from October 18 to October 22, and you can bet this won't be the last you hear about it.

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George P.
George P.

The song's been added to two Urban AC radio stations so far:*WAKB-FM (100.9 Magic in Augusta, GA)*WBAV-FM (V101.9 in Gastonia, North Carolina)

And an En Vogue fan managed to capture it while it played & they've uploaded it to YouTube:

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