Das Racist's Relax Is Streaming At Spotify Right Now

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Relax, the first proper album from Das Racist, is currently streaming at Spotify in advance of its official release date next week. After a couple of spins it's hard to pick out a favorite track; "Girl" is a triumphant love song with a height-of-the-synthpop-era backing, "Booty In The Air" is an argument to convert at least 50% of the malls in this country into roller rinks immediately, the dark and stormy "Shut Up, Man" has an assist from El-P. There's also a pretty sneakily great "Genius Of Love" shout-out. And the rhyming is deft and funny as well; SOTC contributor/lyric guru Andy Hutchins would like to give a special shoutout to the line "RapGenius.com is white devil sophistry," which he calls "maybe my favorite rap line ever." More TK, but for now, seriously, try to finagle a Spotify invite (or sign up for the pay version, which you can access sans VIP bracelet!) and go listen. (You can sample the record by checking out the album's first single "Michael Jackson" below.)

Das Racist's Bowery Ballroom show on Monday is, alas, sold out.

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Emma Aistrop
Emma Aistrop

I have to say I'm a huge fan of Spotify. My friend forwarded me a link to a free version of it and I haven't stopped using it since :) Check it out for yourself: http://open.spotify.com/user/m.... Oh and the College 101 Playlist has introduced me to a ton of new music, so be sure to subscribe. I'll have to check out more of Das Racist too!!

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