Lloyd's "Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)" Video Might Be Cleaned Up, But There's Still A Pussy In There

Lloyd's "Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)" originally landed earlier this summer, and in its initial form it was a thrillingly ribald breakup anthem, with Lloyd wailing about how his lover's "pussy done changed" once things started to sour between the two of them. Of course, such profligate usage of slang for the female anatomy wouldn't fly on the radio, so steps had to be taken to make it safe for wider consumption; the censored version of the track swaps in "lovin'" for the naughty word, and while the R&B smoothie wasn't too crazy about the alteration, the song still works quite well, thanks to his bravura performance and the earwormy, "96 Tears"-ganking organ riff. Today a video for the FCC-friendly version of the track dropped, and perhaps as a nod to both the excised lyric and the ice-coldness of guest-verse-dropper Andre 3000, it has a somewhat unexpected cameo by a cat. I don't want to spoil the rest of it, so just watch below.

Get it? Oh, cats. You are the coolest.

(I don't really understand the plot of the video, though. Did they not think that just having Lloyd sing in front of an LP-studded wall was enough? Is there going to be a pop-rock remix with the guy in the opposing garage on vocals? And do you think Wayne Brady wanted to wear dreadlocks for his Tunechi-miming bit but was denied?)

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