UPDATE: Radiohead Not Playing A "Surprise" Occupy Wall Street Show At 4 This Afternoon

So sayeth the official web site of the downtown occupation. Is it a surprise show if it's announced ahead of time? (Not really!) Do you think they'll break out "Creep" from the archives and tweak the lyrics? "No, you're the creep, you fatcats!" (Probably not!) Should you probably start heading down there right now if you want to be within aspirating distance of Thom Yorke? (Uh, you're probably late already?) UPDATE: Oh, Internet: Radiohead's spokesperson says it isn't happening. Well, enjoy your Friday afternoon off, those of you who decided to extend Summer Fridays to the end of September. And, uh, I would maybe advise against going down there? I have angered that band's diehards in the past, and they get pissed, at least on the Internet.

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That was just a news about the Radiohead and why should we blame Internet its all about that person who share this because internet is a source to get knowledge its depends on us to know about the true one. 


LOL @ there already being "Radiohead sucks" commenters on the announcement. GOD BLESS YOU, INTERNET.

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