Silent Barn Raises $40,595, Puts Out Call For Volunteers

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The Silent Barn's Kickstarter campaign has officially been deemed a success, with the formerly-in-Ridgewood venue/performance space/art space/etc. ready to use the $40,595 it raised through the peer-to-peer fundraising program (as well as money from benefit shows and other initiatives) to start casting about for a new space—and, as is customary with Kickstarter campaigns, to send out thank-you presents to people who were particularly generous. The people behind the space posted a message to their supporters on Facebook that has thank yous to important people, an update on their move to a new location, and, should you be so inclined, information on how to get involved in the next steps of the DIY space's development. There's even a test!

The Kickstarter is closed! The campaign is over! Expect some surveys soon about getting you all those wacky rewards :)

Now we just continue to search like mad for the amazing space to unroll our next incarnation (Old german beerhalls! Delapidated churches! Get a bike a join the hunt with us!), while working on opening a local bank account (at this Bushwick/Bed Stuy-only bank called Brooklyn Co-Operative) for our newly formed LLC named Paesthetics LLC (the term is shorthand for how we've described the interior decor and mentality of Silent Barn) and finalizing of fiscal sponsorship (i.e. becoming a legitimate non-profit) through Flux Factory (an inspiring alternative arts and residency space in Queens).

This will be our last official Kickstarter update. After some development of a website for this project, we'll have a newsletter for you all to join if you'd like, but in the meantime, please visit our volunteer group to be involved with all the planning and brainstorming:

Also, if you haven't yet taken the BARN, you should give it a whirl. It's a brief list of questions for people interested in being more directly involved with the Silent Barn for it's next incarnation, which is going to be run by a much broader base of people:

The questions on the exam are pretty basic—do you have equipment or ideas for future projects, "do you enjoy information overload" (hey, it's worthy of checking these days!)—so if you're an interested potential volunteer who still has nightmares about the SAT, don't worry! It's all very friendly.

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This thing doesn't seem based in reality. They're going to sign a new lease on a new building, that has a residential apartment and a commercial space included (which would mean two leases), and then they're going to bring the commercial space up to code for $40000?

Not likely.

Also, who raises money to recovery from a robbery, but never files a police report about that robbery?


actually, they've been really upfront about the changes in the project, in addition to putting up a budget.  seems like moving and changing is in the interest of making it sustainable, safe and legal. As a doner myself, i would have been upset if they stayed at the old location, only to be shut down in another few months in the same way. this campaign seems like a positive thing, and Im excited to see what happens next!


Still no new location, I see. Is it not deeply disingenuous that they raised funding to legalize a building people know and love, and then ditched it for points unknown? 

I worry that these updates will dwindle and the $40000 will become unaccounted for history.

This campaign is already stained because they hid information about being raided and evicted by the fire department, they never filed any police report for their robbery, and they keep changing the goal of the project. Is it going to be legal and sustainable? Are they going to have a liquor license? Are they following fire code beyond having residential zoning? 


Good to know the community can scare up $595; so, who was the dude with the $40K?

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