The Weeknd Postpones Next Thursday's Show; Drake Actually Not That Into Cardigans

Just yesterday, we informed you that Toronto PBR&B kingpin The Weeknd would be making its United States debut at Vice's Upfront Extravaganza. Alas, he's no longer on the bill, although the event will still go down at Skylight One Hanson next week and feature, among others, Tanlines, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Nick Zinner (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs), A-Trak, and Black Lips.

Drake—who stopped by the Spaceghostpurrp/ASAP Rocky show last night—broke the news in an interview with The New York Observer's Nate Freeman:

NYO: It's a shame that you have to leave, your buddy The Weeknd is going to be playing his first US show next week.

DRAKE: Actually, no he's not, it got cancelled. It's pushed back.

NYO: Oh really? I was going to go, I thought it was next week.

DRAKE: I think they're rescheduling for the end of the month. I wouldn't miss that for the world.

And, regarding cardigans, from the same interview:

NYO: There's been much made about you wearing sweaters and cardigans. I don't know if you read that online; people are really talking. About you, wearing cardigans.

DRAKE: Yeah I don't know why, man. I never feel like I go that hard with it. I think it peaked the other day when I wore this Missoni sweater on the MTV awards, and you know what? I just like to be comfortable, I don't really give a shit. All those tight leather jackets-But if I dressed any other way, they would scrutinize that too.

So there you have it. (For the record, he was wearing flannel last night.)

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Trademark Litigation
Trademark Litigation

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