CMJ Weekend: Acid Baby Jesus, Vockah Redu, Jacuzzi Boys, And Chelsea Wolfe Exist On The Fringes


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

This weekend, Debbie and I continued our Homeric quest to find bands over which to get excited. In an effort to broaden our search, we decided to look a little bit outside of CMJ's prescribed avenues. For every hit, there were about five misses, and we often managed to arrive or leave at precisely the wrong moment. Nevertheless, through sheer persistence, we made out all right.

Debbie Allen

Friday night, we hit up Death By Audio for an unofficial party put on by Hardly Art and WUSB. Following a lackluster performance from a bored-looking Colleen Green (who, to be fair, is better on her album), Acid Baby Jesus cranked the energy in the room to a fever pitch. Often pegged as Athens, Greece's answer to the Black Lips, the guys of ABJ mix blues, psych, and punk, but not in equal measures. Their ghoulish cries echoed the Misfits, while singer Noda's fast and harsh delivery sounded vaguely MacKaye-ish at times, and aggressively un-P.C. lyrics like "you're gonna get a kick in the cunt!" seemed passed down straight from G.G. Allin. When Noda lit some American currency on fire and threw it into the crowd, it read simultaneously as a timeless act of youthful rebellion and a timely nod to the upheavals currently shaking their country and, to a lesser degree, ours.

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