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Singer/Internet lightning rod Lana Del Rey's first commercially available piece of recorded music—the "Video Games" single—has finally been released, a whole month or so after comment sections started to erupt in arguments about her "authenticity" and looks. Last night she performed the single's A-side on Later With Jools Holland, and she seemed pretty nervous, which torpedoed the lyrics' boy-and-world-weary stance somewhat. (The less overwrought instrumentation in this setting was a much-needed improvement from the recorded single, which seems to be trying really hard to prove that "quiet" songs can get in on the loudness war too, although the song's still about 45 seconds too long for it to be enjoyable throughout.) Clip below.

At the very least, all those arguments about whether she's 4 real or not should be quieted by the one-two punch of her shaky voice and this quote from a recent interview she did with Complex:

Well, it's worked out for you. Yeah, you'd think so, but there's definitely a backlash to it that I'm starting to see now. But it's fine.

Anytime I talk to someone who's facing backlash, it's always "Whatever" or "Haters are going to hate."
I don't feel that way. I'm not that cool. I feel like I want to fucking kill myself. It's miserable.

What bothers you about the criticism?
I'm just not interested. Music is secondary to me. I wish I could go back to normal. I'm a really quiet person. I always have been. It's hard when you see a lot of things written about you. It's not what I had in mind.

Yeah, there's a lot of speculation about your lips.
I can tell that's going to be a fucking problem. I didn't sign up to be famous, I just wanted to sing. It's so annoying, but what am I going to do?

Oh, who am I kidding, people are still going to argue. I mean, she wears fake eyelashes, obviously that's an affront against authenticity, right?

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has anyone taken note of the fact that she told Complex she was 25 and GQ she was 24

Jamie P
Jamie P

Aw, I think she did a good job. A poor woman's Fiona Apple/Tori Amos is still better than most stuff out there, at least to my ears. I am still waiting for her to really belt some shit out, though. I think she has it in her! Or I hope she does, because I like her voice. Also, does anyone else think she looks like an especially puffy-lipped Natalie Portman?

(IRRELEVANT ASIDE: I think her plastic surgery is supporting evidence that she is not very savvy about the indie scene. Certainly not savvy enough to be devious. Her label would probably take that stuff out of her lips if it could. I believe her that she just wants to sing and get paid for it, and maybe have her talents praised, but not be scrutinized like she's Britney Spears. On the other hand, it's naive to think that you get to pick and choose that kind of thing.)


Of course, given the marketing that's gone into the Lana Del Rey persona, do we really think she's miserable? Or is this all some PR jujitsu that's supposed to redirect the internet comment outrage back on those who've dismissed her? It's a house of mirrors, man. 

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