A$AP Rocky's New Mixtape Dropped Last Night

Categories: New Releases

LiveLoveASAP, the new mixtape from post-regional Harlem rapper and alleged recipient of one of those old-fashioned ginormous, hard-to-live-up-to record deals A$AP Rocky, was loosed on the world last night. The tape, full of beats by Clams Casino and featuring cameos by Spaceghostpurrp and other members of Rocky's ASAP crew, is available for free download here. More on the actual music within soon, but in the meantime, our pals at The Awl also have a nice contextualization of the mixtape's art with their look at album covers that use the American flag. (Who else had one of the "Censorship is Unamerican" shirts that 2 Live Crew sported on the cover of their 1990 album Banned In The USA?)

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