Q&A: Action Bronson On The Difference Between The Chef Life And The Rap Life, Writing Rhymes While Having A Broken Ankle, And Being "Wonderful"

If someone had told Action Bronson that he'd be traveling the world rapping for a living when he was a chef, he would've told them to stop talking shit and pass the blunt. But that's how things worked out. After working as a professional chef for the New York Mets, Bronson cooked up some pretty dope music on his debut Dr. Lecter, seasoning his rap lines with references to exotic foods and weed. As a result he's been compared to Ghostface—and though that comparison is irksome to Bronson, he's using it as motivation to further set himself apart from the rest of the pack. Peep what he had to say about his recent popularity, his new album and his Queens origins.

What the fuck, Bronson? You're catching wreck this year. What do you think it is?

I don't know man, I don't know. It's my look, it's because I'm gorgeous. Nah, I mean probably because no one is doing it like I'm doing it right now. No one looks or sounds like me, now or ever.

Why do you think your style is so distinct?

I grew up in Flushing, Queens. If you know Queens you know how densely populated it is with immigrants of every culture. I've been exposed to a lot of cultures. I think somehow that influenced my music. It's distinct because of its mix.

Speaking of style it's no secret you were a chef but damn... there's a lot of food in your raps.

Well, I try to use my food references in sophisticated manner. Not like just any food, just foods that real foodies and maybe chefs would know about. That chef life was my life for so long—its influences are going to come across in my music, you now? Besides that, it helps me distinguish myself somewhat from other rappers.

How did you get so into cooking initially?

I grew up in a family of cooks. Everyone cooks in my family, professionally or not. Like my mother is a baker and my dad owns a restaurant. You know how everyone says that their grandmother is the best cook? Well, my grandma really is the best cook I know.

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