People Who Died 2011: The Year In Obituaries

Amy Winehouse passed away on July 23.
In memory of the people, places, and things that passed away in 2011, here's a collection of links and streaming-video artifacts.

Dec. 27 (2010): Teena Marie (singer, songwriter)

Teena Marie, "Square Biz"

Zach Baron: Her songs were part of the DNA of both rap and anyone who grew up in the '80s, she was powerful enough to hold down her end of a long musical relationship with a man no less freaky than Rick James, and she took a legendarily goofy guitar-pose photo. Teena Marie called herself the "Ivory Queen of Soul" and it was an honor no one disputed.

Jan. 14: Trish Keenan (singer and musician, Broadcast)

Broadcast, "Come On, Let's Go"

Mike Wolf: And yet, the most memorable part of that interview came when Trish learned I had a dog. Suddenly she was asking the questions, and when she learned it was a female she leaned back and cooed in her thick Birmingham accent, "Oooh, I love the bitches!"

Jan. 28: Savalas (Williamsburg club)
Rok One (longtime resident): When Dave and James first opened it, there were only a handful of places in the region where people could go out dancing: Union Pool, Black Betty (R.I.P), Boogaloo, Stinger Bar (R.I.P.), Bembe, Royal Oak and Enids. Now there are literally hundreds of bars and "clubs" in the area, and if you think that those places aren't directly harming or stealing business from each other, then GET REAL my dude. The neighborhood has gone from a relatively off the grid starving artist enclave, to a bustling and self-sufficient New York hot-spot, where young urban professionals migrate on the weekend to celebrate. It's gotten pretty scary, but "it was bound to happen at some point..."

Feb. 2: The White Stripes (rock duo)

The White Stripes, "My Doorbell"

Rob Harvilla: So the White Stripes officially announced their breakup today. You are understandably depressed. Not shocked or devastated, probably—they hadn't put out a record in four years, nor toured in about as long, nor generally much resembled an active band. And yet it's now time to regard the staggering back catalog they left behind, and lament that they won't be adding to it anytime soon.

March 15: Nate Dogg (singer)

Warren G feat. Nate Dogg, "Regulate"

Dan Weiss: Nate's work with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G was a major step in the evolution of singing on rap records—his breezily delivered ("tunefully murderous," as Robert Christgau put it) singsong rhymes were arguably as integral to classic hip-hop as the sax breaks were to Leiber & Stoller records. His greatest and most famous collaboration found him playing Greek chorus to Warren G's murder tale on the smash "Regulate."

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