Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, And Dawes Are Playing Zuccotti Park Today

Third Eye Blind.
This afternoon at 12:30 or so, Zuccotti Park will host a concert starring activist/rocker Jackson Browne, the still-potent-to-the-kids Third Eye Blind, and the Los Angeles retro outfit Dawes. And this isn't one of those "omg Radiohead is on the way down there now" fake-outs, either; not only has the Third Eye Blind twitter semi-obliquely confirmed that they're going to be at the gig, but Browne and Third Eye Blind will appear on the forthcoming album Music For Occupy alongside Yo La Tengo, Toots and the Maytals, and Michael Moore. Third Eye Blind's rallying anthem for Occupy, the peppy "If There Ever Was A Time," after the jump.

This song needs more references to meth and blowjobs, and a couple of "do do doos," too.

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Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson

CORRECTION: Third Eye Blind will be playing at Noon followed by Jackson Browne and Dawes at 1pm. Rock and Roll. 

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