Q&A: Amy Sheridan, The Woman Who Commits Kanye West's Greatest Tweets To Thread

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Now available on Etsy for your gift-giving needs: hand-stitched cloth versions of Kanye West's tweets. The commemorations of West's epic 140-character missives ("Sometimes I get the usage of puns and double en- tundras mixed up. I know sometimes one thing can be both. Rap God issues!!! LOL!!!!"; "Is it super lonely and miserable to buy yourself a Cartier love bracelet... well I guess I do love my self lol!!!") come framed and run $40 a pop.

They're the work of a 37-year-old California artist and mom named Amy Sheridan, a rap fan and the mother of a 12-year-old, stitches the tweets by hand at home. The embroidery has attracted quite a bit of media attention, and the surge in orders means that those who want a tweet are now looking at a two-month wait. (Sorry, holiday shoppers. Maybe you can print out the tweet you ordered as a placeholder?) SOTC spoke with Sheridan on the phone last night for her take on the project.

You've been getting a lot of attention for these tweets.

No kidding. It's been crazy this weekend.

How much of a demand is there now?

Right now I'm just taking names for a waiting list and I've got 80 names. It's s going to take me through February or March to do all those.

How quickly do you make them?

I can usually do one and a half or two in a day. It's one of the only times in my life that being unemployed is a benefit.

Are you a big Kanye fan?

Oh yeah. I mean, who isn't. He is so over the top and he's so unapologetic about it. Like, where can I get a Persian rug with cherub imagery? Where can I get a marble conference table? And his shoes for Louis Vuitton that were like 3000 dollars for a pair of sneakers. It's Elvis-level of over-the-top.

Where'd you get the idea for this?

Honestly, I like to do things I haven't seen before. Kanye's Twitter jumps the line between sublime and ridiculous. I thought the only way I could make it more ridiculous is to embroider it. So I did it and I posted it on my tumblr and it took on a life of its own.

water bottle kanye .jpg

What are the most-requested tweets?

The water bottle tweet—that's the one most people request. And also the one about cherub rugs. Although a lot of websites that have posted it end up with these huge debates about how you can't have a Persian rug with cherub imagery and how offensive it is that he asked for one. Also people like the one where he's emotional over fonts. I do get emotional over fonts—who doesn't hate Comic Sans?

Which one is your favorite?

His whole timeline from 2010 is, like, spectacular. I really wish he would go back to that. I guess right now I'm loving the emotional fonts one. It's so ridiculous but so many people are like, "Yes, I agree with that."

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