Nine Songs That Begin With The Phrase "Born To," In Order

9. Hinder, "Born To Be Wild"

8. Lana Del Rey, "Born To Die"

7. The Runaways, "Born To Be Bad"

6. Motörhead feat. Ice-T and Whitfield Crane, "Born To Raise Hell"

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armchair editor
armchair editor

Nine Song Titles That Begin With The Phrase "Born To"

Also, honorable mention: "Born Too Late" by The Poni-Tails (click the link in my name)

Elisha Sessions
Elisha Sessions

If you can get past the naff vocals (I glory in them), "Born To Be Alive" is just a tremendous dancefloor juggernaut that by my lights easily holds its own with anything else from the eurodisco axis of the early 80s. One of the curious things about it is the way joins the cheeky go-go horn section typical of French disco at the time with a driving Italian backbeat, and then introduces it all with a rock guitar that sounds like Pete Townshend chanelling Flatt and Scruggs! Crazy

matthew lawrence
matthew lawrence

Really?  I've always hated "Born To Be Alive" with a passion.  I mean not as much as Hinder, but ugggh.

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