Ten Discarded Ideas For End-Of-2011 Lists, Since It's That Time Of Year

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10. Six Bands With Acronymic Names That I Wondered About After Hearing About R.E.M.'s Breakup

9. The Eight Most Annoying Pre-Roll Ads On Vevo

8. 12 Ways People Freaked Out When I Gently Suggested That A Fall Out Boy Album Might Be Better Than Is This It

7. Nine Potential Designs For The Earl Sweatshirt

6. Ten Musicians Who Never Killed Anyone, Yet Who Were Referred To As "Infamous" In A Piece I Read This Year

5. Lady Gaga's 15 Most Painful-Looking Shoes

4. 28 Events And Songs That Could Be Signs Of '00s Revivalism Getting Trendy In 2012

3. 17 Albums That Came Out In 2011 That I Completely Forgot Were From This Year Until I Rechecked My iTunes "2011" Playlist

2. Five 2011 Concerts Where The Crowd Almost Ruined The Night

1. The Nine Best Half-Finished Blog Posts That You Never Saw Because I Couldn't Quite Come Up With A Conclusion

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Reed Fischer

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