Push It Along: Six Songs That Incorporate The Coos And Cries Of Infants

Not very many hours after Beyoncé gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter, Jay-Z commemorated the occasion in song. "Glory" sounds humbled and relieved, and soft enough to bear some marks; at certain points, Jay's voice almost seems to quaver. He goes from revealing a past miscarriage to sharing the precise date of conception, as if still ambling through the ward in elated exhaustion. Next time he leaves condoms on a baby seat, it'll feel like a sitcom joke, not potential diss material.

The kid herself makes an appearance, wailing all over the track. Blue Ivy must be the first infant to receive a feature credit for their sampled gurgles—canny as ever, dad—but she's only the youngest entry in pop's tiny, adorable line of incidental newborns. Given that the subtlety of the effect in question falls somewhere between siren noises and neighing, it tends to be used sparingly yet memorably. Pace Kelis, here are six other songs of the baby.

1. Boris, "Buzz In"

As one might expect from the Japanese purveyors of sludge, drone, doom and general loudness, Boris' little one lends their intro an abrasive cry—and then starts babbling in excitement, like he's learning how to headbang.

2. A Tribe Called Quest, "Push It Along"

This is the opening track on ATCQ's debut album People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm and also a pun. Actually, "instinctive travels" would be a clever description of infants crawling...

3. Ken Nordine, "My Baby"

As a joke, this 1959 novelty is a little unbearable: hipster slang, it's kind of like baby talk! And indeed the attempted fusion of jazz and poetry was already being mocked at the time. But if Nordine wasn't a conventional musician, he did gain faceless ubiquity as a spoken-word artist (he later coached Linda Blair in demoniacal language for The Exorcist), and hearing his deep voice adapt to the rhythms of textbook-cool jazz is an unusual pleasure. It might soothe a real tyke.

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julianne e.s.
julianne e.s.

OMG I can't believe you missed Major Lazer f. Prince Zimboo, which uses Autotune Baby! Best after Aaliyah I think. 


Four Tet included a track called "Pablo's Heart" (a pre-coo ultrasound recording) on There Is Love In You.

Robert Ham
Robert Ham

There's a great AutoTuned baby cry at the beginning of the Hype Williams track "Rescue Dawn 2". 

T-Mad's Music
T-Mad's Music

Here, here - how could they forget the 1976 Stevie Wonder classic.  Oh, I get it - he's not "recent" or "current" enough to be included.

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