Q&A: Pissed Jeans' Matt Korvette On Having Kids, Listening To Techno, And Not Naming His Band "Unrequited Hard-On"

The resurgent noisecore and pigfuck scenes are currently all the rage in the DIY warehouse spaces and shithole lofts littering Brooklyn and beyond. This weekend, the PA skuzzballs Pissed Jeans—who, arguably, initially lit the under-ass fire that galvanized the underground into embracing the sort of noise-slobbering, cutthroated post-hardcore ickfest that Sub Pop label-mates Mudhoney perfected over two decades ago—strut into town.

After a bit of a break, the goofballs in Pissed Jeans are back on the road, testing out new tastily perverse Black Flag-ian and Flipper-esque fuzz 'n' sludge dripping epics off their forthcoming release later this year. Sound of the City spoke via email to the band's frequently shirtless, beer-bellied bawling front-dude Matt Korvette.

How did you come up with the name Pissed Jeans? Did you have a backup band name?

Honestly, there's no great story. Brad (Fry) and I were in another band together and were brainstorming band names just for the hell of it, and we went with it. We actually initially went with Unrequited Hard-on but decided to make the change to become more approachable. In hindsight, I wish we didn't have such a vulgar name.

It's been said that your hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania is a downer kind of city. Is it that bad there and is that why your music is on the angry, noisy side?

I don't think it's that bad. None of us have lived there for years, though. But we all still live in PA. I think we just really enjoy playing angry, noisy music, so that's what we do. I enjoy listening to happy music but couldn't imagine myself seriously making it.

I've read you guys have day jobs. Is that still the case? One would think that being on Sub Pop you'd be able to live off music and touring.

We probably could, but not comfortably. Touring is a mind-numbing affair that destroys so many bands. It can be fun, but it's not the life we want for ourselves. We're homebodies.

When you guys signed with Sub Pop, was it a dream come true given the label's history? Did you have any other offers?

It was definitely unexpected and flattering. I don't think we'd want to work with anyone else.

You've done some touring with Mudhoney. Do you have any memorable stories to tell of those dudes?

We've really only just played shows with them, never toured. I don't know about memorable stories, since their wild drug days are long behind them. They are certainly cool guys that I personally admire, though. And Mark Arm totally brings it every time.

Do you have a favorite Mudhoney song?

Off The Lucky Ones, "Next Time."

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