This Weekend In New York: The Gories, Black Dice, And Real Estate Go Beyond Brooklyn


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

Remember when you had to drive an hour to a town you'd never been to just to see whatever D.I.Y. shit was going down in your state that weekend? You'd bitch about it at the time, but it gave you a kind of treasure hunt-like satisfaction. Waste of Paint recaptured some of that (suburban) adolescent spirit this weekend by voyaging to two exotic locales: Ridgewood and Hoboken.

Debbie Allen

Friday, we roadtripped to Maxwell's to see The Gories play the latest of a handful of reunion shows on the docket since their 2009 reformation. Formed in 1986 (and subsequently disbanded in 1992) by Detroit natives Mick Collins, Peg O'Neill and Dan Kroha, The Gories played a key role in pioneering the kind of stripped-down, bluesy garage-punk that's since exploded. The Hoboken show felt a bit like a dress rehearsal for their Saturday engagement at the Bell House, what with all the missed entries and exits, jokes about how they hadn't played certain songs since the '90s, and general messiness. "We just played that in different keys," admitted Collins after a particularly dissonant part. Things coalesced by the end, though, when they delivered a confident rendition of "Nitroglycerine" to a crowd that seemed honored to be let in on the process.

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Black Dice is, without the slightest hesitation, the worst band I have ever seen live. Granted, this was in 2003 or 2004, so perhaps they've gotten less atrocious, but I can't imagine a more terrible concert. When their set ended, half of the crowd booed and the other half cheered sarcastically. Rarely before had I felt I so wasted twenty or thirty minutes of my life.


Do you like their music in general? I feel like it's disingenuous to say "this band sucks live" when what you really mean is "this band sucks." Anyway, this crowd was really into it. I didn't find it as mind-blowing as their performance at ATP, maybe because they didn't have projections this time, maybe because I'm more familiar with them now so the element of surprise was gone, but they knew what they were doing up there and seemed to have a good mixture of improvisation and pre-composed stuff.

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