This Weekend In New York: yy/dd/mmmm Confound, Air Waves Charm, Bosco Delrey Holds A Dance Party, And Dive Gets Deep


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

This weekend had a diverse array of musical entertainments, from the nails-on-a-chalkboard sounds of a crapcore experimental group to the genre-bending garage-hop of Bosco Delrey. We even got out of North Brooklyn!

Debbie Allen

Friday we ventured to the Prospect Heights yoga studio/art space LaunchPad, where a group of musicians called yy/dd/mmmm (not to be confused with the harder-rocking, recently dissolved act dd/mm/yyyy) were putting on a one-off experimental performance. Before it began, sax player Nathaniel Morgan admonished us to "not speak to anyone about this performance for the rest of your life"; I'm sorry if this counts. Anticipation built as they set up violin, cello, sax, synths, processors, vocals, drums, a mirror hooked up to a mic, and what looked to be 50-100 bottles of nail polish. What was going to happen with all that glass and pigment? Unfortunately, the answer was "not much," as the guy on mirror duty spent about half the performance painstakingly placing the nail polishes on the mirror and moving them around to make small "shh"-ing sounds, which were punctuated by the occasional cell-phone-like chime from the synths. This seemed like a beautiful lullaby compared with what came next, though—metal rubbing against metal, as well as a flurry of atonal screeches and squawks from the string and woodwind sections that dared us to break an unspoken social code and cover our ears. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so Debbie drew "horrible metal birds being slaughtered in the rainforest." At least it evoked something.

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