Q&A: Glassbreaks Auteur dj BC On Mashing Up Philip Glass With The Beastie Boys, Kanye And The Fugees

And then one day, I got an email from one of Philip Glass's people, and they said, "We think this I really funny and cool and Philip likes it, but we have to ask you to take it down off the internet. And can you take down the picture of Philip Glass as well." Because I'd asked someone to make an album cover, and they had used a copyrighted image of Philip Glass, too.

And so, and I said, "Sure I'll take it down." [Note: as you can tell from all the embedded songs hee, you can now easily find Glassbreaks and all of dj BC's mash-ups all over the internet, even though they're not on his own website]. I kind of appreciated that they contacted me personally and—it wasn't lawyers, and they said they thought it was cool, but can you take it down?

He never knew I was doing this, and I hadn't [made Glassbreaks] when I met him.

That's too bad—thought he might have been more supportive of it. [NOTE: In our interview, Glass told the Voice he "always" says yes when people ask to use his music, though he is clear about protecting his copyright when it's for a clearly commercial purposes. This took place years after the Glassbreaks incident.]

I thought the same thing. [But] At that time, people weren't really sure where this whole mash-up thing was going. Right now, it's hovering and they're not busting mash-up DJs. They're letting it happen. But when we first started doing it in the United States and it was catching on and The Grey Album came out, the record companies, if they saw something was popular, they jumped right on it. You know? So, individual tracks they wouldn't [care]. But when I was making records in the early 2000s and putting them online, almost immediately once they started getting blogged they'd come down on me, and tell me to take it offline.

[With Glass's people] it was nice of them, they were very personable about it, and every time I've met him he's been really nice, and the whole nature of the interaction is such that you don't know if Philip Glass is behind this email, or not. He could be out of town and someone is just like, running things for him, and they decided they're going to have to take it down.

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