Oddsmaking: Will Louis C.K. Or Lonely Island Overtake "Weird Al" And Win Best Comedy Album?

Throughout the award's history, Grammy voters have tended to bestow Best Comedy Album upon trusted favorites: Bill Cosby closed out the 1960s with six straight victories; Richard Pryor took home three trophies in the '70s and two more in the '80s; and Peter Schickele opened the '90s with four consecutive wins of his own. Lately, Chris Rock, George Carlin, and the Daily Show/Colbert Report nexus of talent have dominated the category, with Flight of the Conchords providing the only surprise. This year, however, the award is pretty much up for grabs. Full rundown below.

The Lonely Island, Turtleneck & Chain

WHAT: White guys rapping: That's funny, right? Actually, with the Lonely Island, it kind of is, particularly when they get Michael Bolton to sing the soaring hook on "Jack Sparrow" and Nicki Minaj to help them popularize a new dance craze on "The Creep."
PROS: The group's Saturday Night Live connection has given them plenty of exposure, and guest spots from Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Beck and others will attract voters with less interest in comedy records.
CONS: Many of the songs, including "Sparrow" and the "The Creep," work better as music videos than mp3s.
IS "WEIRD AL" INVOLVED? No. In fact, this trio has helped make him mostly irrelevant.
ODDS: 2-1

Louis CK, Hilarious

WHAT: The star/writer/director of TV's Louie releases his first stand-up album since 2008's Chewed Up with bits about everything from "the going-out-to-get-laid dudes" who wear striped shirts and walk in formation to the miracle of cell phones and that time his three-year-old daughter shit on the floor, then slipped and fell into the mess.
PROS: The best comedy record of the year, hands down.
CONS: Will voters be able to make it past an intro that compares the number of killed by Ray Charles and Adolf Hitler?
ODDS: 5-2

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Yeah, I can't forgive Al for revealing his douchebag colors with Perform This Way.  When you pride yourself on always getting permission for your parodies, it's not a good idea to throw a hissy fit when people say 'no.'   Even if it was just a misunderstanding, Al didn't know that at the time.  That makes him a douchebag in my book.


As a long-time fan of Al Yankovic-I'm offended that it was stated that  'Al should give it up.'  Has the critic been to a concert lately? These days, Al packs in 8-10,000 people at many venues on his annual tour. Wow--he must be doing something right!!! Al has original songs, a polka, and parodies on the GRAMMY nominated 'ALPOCALYPSE.' The quality, time, and accurate depiction of pop culture Al represents in his work far outweighs his competitors. What bonus does Al give his fans with families?--it's appropriate for all ages!! To be funny and appropriate for all is a sign of a superior artist. Kathy Griffin wants to win because of 'sheer volume?' Give us all a break.

Chris Molanphy
Chris Molanphy

So much hate for the Al! Still a national treasure. And yeah, the new one's subpar, but his previous album (five long years before, but still...) was a career renaissance. So it's not like the guy's been phoning it in for decades.

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