Metallica To Throw The Orion Music And More Festival In Atlantic City This Summer

Metallica has announced the first annual Orion Music & More Festival, which will take place in Atlantic City on June 23 and 24 and feature the band headlining both nights and playing the Black Album—you know, Bob Rock, commercial breakthrough, "Enter Sandman," etc.—in its entirety on U.S. soil for the first time. The lineup is more Lollapalooza than Big 4, with Titus Andronicus, Best Coast, Hot Snakes (yes!), and Arctic Monkeys on the bill; sadly, Lou Reed is not on the initial lineup, but we can always hope. Tickets are $125 for a two-day pass and $225 for its VIP iteration, which includes a better space in the general-admission crowd and access to an "exclusive lounge." (Ooh, exclusive!) Full lineup so far below.

Arctic Monkeys
Avenged Sevenfold
Modest Mouse
The Gaslight Anthem
Cage The Elephant
Fucked Up
Best Coast
Hot Snakes
Titus Andronicus
Gary Clark Jr.
Roky Erickson
The Black Angels
The Sword
A Place to Bury Strangers

All I'm going to say is: No Long Fin Killie and/or Melvins, no credibility.

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Metallica Sabbra Cadabra
Metallica Sabbra Cadabra

A couple of days ago one my old friends from high school posted on Facebook about buying tickets to Metallica's two-night Orion Music + More Festival in Atlantic City. I almost exploded with jealousy


Umm is there a chance we can meet them bc that would b my dream come true


Wow - I can't wait to not buy a ticket and not go.Seriously - what a load of sh*t. Sadly though, this doesn't surprise me.Metal (in general) gets sh*t on by the mainstream music press as it is. Festivals like this would be an awesome opportunity to get some recognition.Thnk of all the GREAT metal bands out there to which Metallica owes a huge debt...all the NWOBHM bands, comtemporaries like Armored Saint, Mercyful Fate, Motorhead, Trouble, Anvil, Saxon, etc. etc, etc. A million others that everyone knows and loves.How cool would it be if Metallica paid that debt by using their considering financial muscle and FORCING promoters to get these bands on the bill???But no - they wussed out and decided they know best for the fans and everyone should "open their minds" and listen to dogsh*t like Modest Mouse. Gimme a break. Just like the "Summer Sanitarium" tour when they took out Limp Bizkit. Are you f*cking serious???Don't get me wrong - I'll always like Metallica's music, especially the first 5 albums + DM is decent. But as for the business decisions they make like corporate tools.

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