This Weekend In New York: Parts & Labor Bid Farewell, Seapunk Washes Ashore


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

This weekend brought the end of one driving force in underground music and the beginnings of a new one, all within the confines of 285 Kent. But I'm not going to turn that into a sign of the times re: Where New York's Sound Is Headed, because that would be depressing. (It would also not be true.)

Debbie Allen

Friday we solemnly visited 285 Kent for Parts and Labor's sold-out farewell show, which featured strong opening sets from pals Neptune and Oneida. P+L has been one of the great workhorses of New York's scene for the past ten years, putting out consistently good albums and touring extensively without ever reaping the financial rewards of colleagues like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV On the Radio. This type of dedication inspires a special type of love in scene diehards (see also: the Melvins), and as such the place was packed front to back with everyone who'd ever appreciated them over the years, including BJ Warshaw's parents. The two-hour-plus show included songs and members from every era of the band, plus some horns and an actual bagpipe player, and at one point they passed around a video camera so the proceedings could be shot from every angle by members of the audience. "Pretty much everyone I love or have loved for the past ten years is in this room tonight, so, with too many people to thank, thanks everyone in this room for being here for us," Warshaw said before launching into an epic encore in which all four drummers played at once. In the end they demolished the drum kit, the cardboard backdrop, and the paper stalactites hanging from the ceiling as BJ made feedback with his bass. "Thank you so fucking much," he said before making his exit. Dan Friel lingered a bit over his processors, drawing out the noise and the moment for as long as possible.

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