R. Kelly Goes Back To Basics With "Share My Love"

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R. Kelly's 2010 throwback album Love Letter was one of my favorite records of that year, full of romance and and aesthetics that grabbed from Sam Cooke, late-night smooth-jazz playlists. ("Taxi Cab," in particular, is a corker.) His follow-up to Love Letter is reportedly going to be called Write Me Back; today the first single, the string-drenched "Share My Love," hit the Internet, and if it's any indication, the two albums are going to be of a sort of epistolary piece. "Share" does seem a bit tossed-off—Kells can seemingly make joyous, uptempo love songs as easily as I can toast my morning English muffin. But that is not a bad thing, because what the world needs now, etc., etc. Clip below.

I bet the dance parties on his cruise are going to be so much fun.

[HT Hannah Rad]

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