Q&A: Seth Troxler On Chris Gaines, Being King Of The Sauce And Why Steve Aoki Is The Dean Martin Of Rave

Camilo Fuentealba
Tom Hanks once said, in regards to his super nice guy status, "I'm not that nice of a guy; I just have the money to have people around to tell people no for me." Seth Troxler neither has nor needs such people. Even after engaging in copious charity work, being crowned No. 2 DJ of 2011 in Resident Advisor's readers' poll, and celebrating the release of his lauded DJ/BFF gang Visionquest's latest Fabric mix CD, he is completely without guile and pretense, speaking to everyone around him as if they were a friend he had not seen in years. We meet in his hotel room, where he takes time to share all of his New York souvenirs with my photographer Camilo and even gives us packs of Desert Storm trading cards he purchased that day. He insists we "destroy" his minibar, which we do. Almost four hours later he suggests posing on the toilet in a dressing gown and takes our numbers to make sure we come to see him spin that night. Sure enough, two hours later I receive a text with the address and a message that reads "Get your ass over here Tarantino!" King of the Sauce, indeed.

First question: Are you living the life you want to live??

[Laughs] Occasionally. It sounds bad, but—that's hilarious BTW—but my friend once told me that your greatest nightmare is when your dreams come true. You know? And in a way my greatest nightmare has become my life. Sarcastically speaking, of course. I'm also finding that as a person that's constantly touring and traveling that you lose your old life, so your life becomes a new life which is something that I wanted, but is it the life I've always wanted to live? I'm not sure yet.

I hear you're also a pretty good chef.

I just won this DJ cook-off competition in Amsterdam. Dubfire, John Acquaviva, The Stafford Brothers and I went in there and did some barbecue and people thought I was fucking around and I was not fucking around.

You're a sauce man, I've heard.

Tsssh. I'm King of the Sauce and I went up in there with the sauce and they thought I was playing 'cause I was talking so much shit and finally my dish came up and it got tens. Tens, all around, and I won.

What was your dish?

I did ribs with my sauce and this spicy sweet potato chipotle mash and blackened brussel sprouts.

Will 2012 see more Blaxel Rose and Thrill Cosby?

[Laughs] Wow. That's research son. That's me and Jamie [Jones]. Thrill Cosby is coming back. 2012 is Thrill. Seth's gonna go away for awhile, and it's just gonna be all Thrill.

Is Thrill like your version of that alternative rocker character Garth Brooks had for a minute? What was he called?

Oh God... shit, that was horrible. What was his name?

[long silence as we rack our brains]

Chris Gaines!! [both laugh]

I knew that.

Yeah, you knew, but were wisely too embarrassed to say it! [Laughs]

You're definitely one of the more colorful characters in dance music.

Oh, thank you!

What are your top five tips for the scowling, unhappy DJ?

Number one, stop being unhappy! Why are so many people unhappy? I'm pretty simple; somewhat of an idiot savant you might say, but it seems like people expend so much energy not being happy. Like they actually go out of their way to be dicks. You just try and do the best you can do and look for good things. I believe in that cosmic shit, man!

Seth Troxler live at The Warehouse Project in Manchester, 2011

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