50 Cent, Eminem, And Skrillex's Hordes Of Fans Swarm Austin On Day Three Of SXSW

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Marco Torres
50 Cent and Eminem at the Austin Music Hall. More photos below.
If you're familiar with chaos theory, which in its basic form is the attempt to find patterns in this planet's many happenings, then you may understand the difficulty that comes with describing a full day at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. To break down the chaos, a few of Village Voice Media's music editors have selected their favorite moments from SXSW's third day. Find 'em below.

50 Cent / Eminem - Austin Music Hall
Never mind that Get Rich or Die Trying actually came out in 2003; the moist and dewy crowd at Austin Music Hall last night was plenty psyched for the "10th anniversary" of 50 Cent's debut. Backed by a full band, 50 came out in his signature vest, though it proved unnecessary as not a single shot was fired at him. His mentor Eminem came out as surprise guest, rapping passionately from beneath his hoodie. The show was further proof that this "artists doing their seminal albums in full" thing is popular music's best trend.
Ben Westhoff

Craig Hlavaty
Gemma Ray - The Giant Doritos Vending Machine At Red River & Fifth
Being at South by Southwest can sometimes feel like walking through a hall of Super Bowl ads—take the giant Doritos vending machine where I caught a set by Gemma Ray. The British singer-songwriter stayed classy amidst the commercialism, making the best of it with her two-piece band as the crowd munched on tortilla chips. In an alternate universe, her snarling slide-guitar work would make her as popular as Adele, but in the real world, she's a cult heroine for Anglophiles—and, of course, those who enjoy the most tasty of stoner staple snacks.
Craig Hlavaty

Trampled By Turtles - Swan Dive
Duluth extreme acoustic pickers Trampled By Turtles were the final act of an all-Minnesota showcase (co-sponsored by the City Pages music blog Gimme Noise) during a sticky afternoon at Swan Dive. Although charmer frontman Dave Simonett—who looks like your hometown bar's favorite bartender, complete with Let It Be t-shirt—expressed concern that Doomtree's mercilessly sweaty set would be tough to follow, that sort of challenge brought out a mandolin-cracking set (figuratively) from the gents. More important still was a rowdy, packed audience. "Wait So Long" proved to be just the song to make those in attendance lose their collective shit. And quite a few attendees probably needed to shampoo their beards afterwards anyhow.
Reed Fischer

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