Children Of The Night Wave The New York Flag On Queens... Revisited

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"I find myself walking to work and I can see the sun rise right over Queens Boulevard, and I say to myself, why hasn't Queens gotten a trophy in a very long time? I mean, I feel like we deserve to shine right now, don't we? We got a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful team and I can see us parading down Roosevelt Avenue right now..."

So goes the spoken opening to "'86 Mets," a song from Queens rap trio Children of the Night's new freebie mixtape, Queens... Revisited. It's a worthy motivational plea, but it's one that might not be needed for long, with the city beginning to feel an invigorating wave of hip-hop releases. Hometown artists like the Flatbush Zombies, 17-year-old Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era crew, and Das Racist's Greedhead army are garnering attention with resolutely east coast-styled music, while the scene's most charismatic, Action Bronson, deserves to follow Crown Heights' unruliest, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, into the major-label leagues.

Children Of The Night, "Kids From Queens"

Children of the Night, which consists of Lansky Jones, Remy Banks and Nasty Nigel and is also under the umbrella of the World's Fair collective, can count themselves as part of what could bloom into a tangible movement, mainly on the basis of the song "Kids From Queens." It's a fine example of moody, piano-based rap that wouldn't have sounded out of place on Rawkus's iconic 1997 compilation Soundbombing. The song's sonically conservative charm has seen it prosper to the tally of almost 50,000 listens via a Soundcloud posting—a figure no doubt helped by the group's association with Mishka, a clothing company who are proving adept at spotting upcoming rap talent while also creating garish garments that appear to have been inspired only by the lurid images cascading down a 13-year-old's Tumblr feed. (Hey, it's the philanthropic model of releasing music that's going to save us all!) That song is the high point of Queens... Revisited, a mixtape that mostly asserts the group's potential while containing a couple of warning signs that suggest the current hype surrounding New York could quickly deflate.

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