Six New York Acts That The Mets Should Consider For Future Post-Game Concerts

That's dedication right there.
As the baseball season nears, the announcements of the season's schedule of promotions steadily increases, and over the weekend the Mets announced that for their 50th anniversary they'd be throwing a three-show postgame concert series in 2012. The lineup: the hesher-pop outfit REO Speedwagon (June 15), powerpop titans Cheap Trick (July 20), and the religious post-grunge outfit MercyMe (August 10). The bands are from Champaign, Illinois; Rockford, Illinois; and Greenville, Texas, respectively. That's right—there are no New York bands on the bill, which seems quite silly given that this city is crawling with musically inclined fans of the team and even has a DIY venue named after the Mets' former home. To that end, here are six New York-based acts who might not mind having the 2012 version of the Metropolitans as their opening act. Perhaps those of us who feel passionate enough about this issue can organize a trip to this season's triumphant return of Banner Day (May 27!) in order to lobby for one or all or these choices?

The So So Glos

Having this fine band of Brooklyners—who co-founded the aforementioned venue named after Shea Stadium—would if nothing else show this year's team that a DIY spirit can result in greatness, no matter how much money might be behind it.

Marnie Stern

Not only is she a Mets fan who has paid her own musical homage to the Mets' former home, she's wickedly funny and enough of a guitar wizard that could probably figure out a way to play her guitar with one of those T-shirt guns. (Just don't give out pink branded crap the night she plays, okay?)

Pia Toscano

Remember her? The American Idol contestant from Howard Beach who, despite being a throwback to the style of adult contemporary that was popular before the teenpop hordes took over, inspired the greatest "they kicked off who?!" outcry from the general public since Jennifer Hudson got the boot in season three? At the very least, bringing her on would bump up the number of potential shoppers at the Touch By Alyssa Milano boutique near Section 306.

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