Q&A: Melvins' Buzz Osborne On Freak Puke, Digging Fox News' Greg Gutfeld And Not Trusting People Who Don't Like The Beatles

Jessi Rose
Iconic avant-metal-punk royalty Melvins are fast approaching their third decade of meting out its uber-prolific anthemic maelstrom of sonic heaviosity with uncompromising, valiant experimentalism, and things aren't slowing down for these influential and ageless Cali riff kings. Despite the onslaught of rising black, doom and tech-metal pulverizers, founding members Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover continue to rise above the fray.

Arguably, the quintessential Melvins reinvention commenced back in 2006. The freakazoid-haired, pudgy guitar god Osborne and heavier-than-hell drummer Crover drafted the Melvins-idolizing dudes in Big Business, converging to transform into a two-drummer tandem of ginormous proportions. A four-LP, face-crushing roll—(A) Senile Animal ('06), Nude with Boots ('08), The Bride Screamed Murder ('10) and last year's live Sugar Daddy—ensued.

Now, the Melvins have joined forces with their buddies in NYC's legendary noisemaking metallic-blues face-scorchers Unsane for an old school AmRep reunion styled tour. They have a new EP and Freak Puke, Melvins Lite's debut with Brooklyn's Trevor Dunn on stand-up bass, is set for a June release.

Sound of the City caught Buzz on a drive break, but while the chat was full of shenanigans, Osborne's mind was clearly on the health of Unsane drummer Vinnie Signorelli, who has recently fallen ill.

How is the tour going with Unsane?

Going good. We're on out way to Houston, Texas right now.

Are you and the Unsane dudes traveling in the same van?

No, I'm driving one of the vans.

So Unsane is in another van?

They're somewhere; I don't know where. [Laughing]

Any highlights or debauchery to speak of thus far on the tour?

Yeah. It's been totally insane with the Unsane.

I interviewed Chris Spencer for the Voice and I got really wasted.

You did? Good.

How did you go about choosing the Unsane song "Alleged" for the split single that was released by Amphetamine Reptile?

It was the only song of theirs that I never heard.

Oh, really?

No [Laughing]. Seemed like we could do something with it. We did the beginning as kinda the same and then we kinda changed it and we Melvin-ized it at the end.

What do you think of their cover of "The Bloat?"

I thought it was groovy. Not a lot of people do covers of our songs.

Would you like to see more bands cover the Melvins?

Oh, sure. I'm not too worried about, it but you know. It is what it is.

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James Hubble
James Hubble

Saw the Melvin Men in Nashville last night, and they destroyed. Good interview. I belly laughed more than once. Love that Buzzo.


Red Eye is way Koooool and Gutfeld is a master lecturer...... open your minds people because this country needs it REAL bad now....


yeah man jewish "punk rock" is so awesome its so cool the way they can't play anything but call it "experimental" and now they have different hair=dos wow man "punk rock" is so cutting edge of 1977 man, wow I wish i could be modern and be part of the awesome "downtown scene" of people who can't really do anything 

Jack Hewitt66
Jack Hewitt66

Anybody who considers the Redeye show to be worth something in the grand scheme of things, as apparently Buzzkill does, is a piece of shit.

Van Kovacs
Van Kovacs

That the imagery that this assemblage conveys is "consumed" by anyone purporting to be a member of the human race is quite frankly puke-provoking.

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