Sound Of The City's 2012 Major League Baseball Preview, Featuring The Music Of Blue Öyster Cult: National League Edition

Ah, the smell of leather! The boys of summer! The thrill of a well-placed slider! Yes, it's baseball season again, and what better way to preview this year's Major League Baseball slate than by tying each team's prospects to songs from the great Long Island metal band Blue Öyster Cult? Not only has BÖC been around forever, and not only do they have the greatest song titles in history, it's pretty clear that they have been previewing this baseball season in mystical and occult ways for decades.

Tonight's first regular-season matchup on American soil is a National League tilt pitting the St. Louis Cardinals against the rebranded Miami Marlins, so the first part of our preview will focus on the NL. (Part two will run tomorrow.)

TEAM: Arizona Diamondbacks
SONG: "Gil Blanco County" (when BÖC was known as the Stalk-Forrest Group and/or Soft White Underbelly)
PREVIEW: Why this early country-psych jam for the D-backs? First: It builds to a big hoedown, just like Arizona's season in 2011. Second: it's obscure, like this team—except for Justin Upton, who will be MVP this year.
CONNECTION: There is no Gil Blanco County anywhere; it was named for Gil Blanco, a pitcher from Phoenix who played for the Yankees. That's kind of eerie and occult, right?

TEAM: Atlanta Braves
SONG: "This Ain't the Summer of Love"
PREVIEW: A biker song for the most un-biker team in the majors. Last summer was all love for the Braves; they were 8 1/2 games up for the Wild Card spot before they choked away September. "Things ain't like they used to be," indeed.
CONNECTION: A lot of question marks in this team's makeup... and the BÖC logo features an upside-down question mark!!!

TEAM: Chicago Cubs
SONG: "Career of Evil"
PREVIEW: Hire all the Theo Epsteins you want, Cubbies, but you'll never get anywhere until you get rid of Alfonso Soriano, as foretold by this nasty Secret Treaties track. For his remaining $54 million, he'll just keep striking out, misplaying balls off the ivy, glowering, and pissing off the guys at WSCR.
CONNECTION: Lyrics written by Patti Smith, who was born in Chicago.

TEAM: Cincinnati Reds
SONG: "The Horsemen Arrive"
PREVIEW: Might think this rarely heard song was chosen to compliment Votto, Bruce, Mesoraco, and the other young stars that are supposed to win a division title this year. But this tune's underbelly shows a deep distrust of technology—just like manager Dusty Baker.
CONNECTION: This song was featured in the super-obscure sci-fi movie Bad Channels, summed up by as "WKRP in Cincinnati with alien perverts."

TEAM: Colorado Rockies
SONG: "R.U. Ready to Rock"
PREVIEW: This screamer, which opened Side 2 of Spectres, seems appropriate because the Rockies seemed ready to rock last year, but couldn't even make the playoffs despite having good top-shelf talent. This year, everyone's writing them off—will they rise to the occasion?
CONNECTION: The weird "I only live to be born again" section at the end is a good match for the Rockies' alleged former (current?) "Christian" code of conduct.

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