A Couple Of Bands That Are Just As Likely To Reunite As The Smiths, Which Is To Say, Not At All

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Morrissey rolls his eyes at the mere suggestion of a reunion.
So this morning one of those British music-news sites decided to engage in a little bit of traffic-goosing rumormongering by posting a breathless item about the Smiths reuniting, citing "a source [who] revealed that the 80s icons had been in talks to perform with a well-known promoter." This game of Telephone spread around the Internet fairly quickly, and earlier this hour Marr took to his Facebook page to defuse the rumor.

In this reunion-saturated age, when some acts are reportedly going as far to resort to modern technology to take a look back at their glory days, the rumor of a Smiths reunion wasn't all that surprising; certainly the financial windfall that the band could receive would be substantial. That the individual members are holding out, though, is sort of inspiring. What other bands might similarly stick to their principles and stay broken up, even in the face of ever-increasing retromania? Are there any? An attempt to think of some below.

It probably says something that I could only come up with three bands for this list, even though The Rules Say that Internet listicles are supposed to be five items or more. But I mean—even LSG got back together for a track last year! If you can think of any additions, chime in in the comments!

3. Van Halen (Gary Cherone lineup)

See how deep into the barrel I had to go here?

2. Bikini Kill

After the Smiths rumor was defused, one music writer decided to pay tribute to the riot grrrl pioneers by stoking reunion rumors. And really, would that line from "Carnival" about winning a Mötley Crüe mirror "if it fucking kills me" still retain its potency in 2012?

1. Fugazi

The second-most-popular "important band from the '80s" to show up in reunion rumors. They'll stick with their principles, though. Right? Right?

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I would rather see Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner reform Electronic, and Morrissey can reform his early 90's line-up. A New Order reunion with Peter Hook included would be nice, too. I love The Smiths but I don't want them to ever reform. There's been too much said and done against each other for me to ever think they were doing it for anything other than the money, and they are too important to me to accept that. Here's a link to a new Morrissey interview. http://www.philstar.com/funfar...


Let's see, Big Black, Japan (although Mick is gone), Cocteau Twins, Lush, Slowdive, Curve, early Lily's lineup, etc would be fantastic to see again.


Spacemen 3 will never happen either. 

Michael Tedder
Michael Tedder

When I talked to Mike Doughty for you a while ago, I joked that one day Coachella would pull a truckload of money up and force him to reunite Soul Coughing. He was very, very adamant that would not happen. I believe him.

Also, Husker Du will never get back together, so that's three important '80s bands. 


I don't think Fugazi would reunite because some promoter somewhere threw a wad of cash at them, but there's no animosity between the members and a casual reunion that picks up where things left off in 2002 could potentially happen.

The Smiths are pretty much on the same level of "NEVER EVER GONNA HAPPEN" reunion talk as the Appetite lineup of Guns 'n Roses. Axl codified it quite recently.

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