Download: The Secret History's Wistful New Wave Ballad "Sergio"

The Secret History is a New York "post-pop" group operating squarely in the realm of teenage-romance breakup scenes and secrets told under the cover of night. Led by primary songwriter Michael Grace Jr, formerly of the indiepop cult heroes My Favorite, the band is fronted by Lisa Ronson, who hooked up with the group through a Village Voice classified ad for a "tragic female voice." Grace's expertly crafted songs modernize classic New Wave tropes in a way that makes them a natural fit for the laptop-speaker era; Ronson's plainspoken tone brings to mind the voice of the Magnetic Fields' Claudia Gonson, while adding even more of an emotional punch. Listen to the pleading "Sergio," from The Secret History's forthcoming second album Americans Singing In The Dark, below.

DOWNLOAD: The Secret History, "Sergio"

The Secret History's forthcoming album is called Americans Singing In The Dark, and each song is based on someone Grace met over his past two decades in New York. (Names are changed, though, to protect the protagonists.) "These were friends, or peers, or just people I saw from the side of the stage, for whom finding their place in America, letting go of the indie dream, getting older—just surviving—was a spectacular challenge," says Grace. "And the style of each track is informed by the record I listened to, or the places I went with that person. And in addition to this cast of beautiful losers, New York itself is almost a character."

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one of my secret pleasures is getting lost in Brooklyn on a Saturday evening 

and knowing that I am going to hear the most amazing poetry brought to life passionately  by people who have day jobs like the rest of us , musicians who share an obsession with art and music like i do ,they are my superheroes , they change into costume and discuss their pain or fantasies through their  music,these are the kids in the back of class I wish I had met in high school. but I got to meet them anyhow and I am better for it. 


A band should never have more than 6 people in it. Otherwise, how do you share a 6 pack???


TSH and My Favorite, the preceding outlet for Michael Grace's indisputable genius, are prime among American "should be/shoulda been huge" bands. But they're too busy beautifully breaking our hearts and making us smile to care. If you like glam, The Smiths, unabashed 80s synth, decadent Italy, New York, including mythic, gothic Long Island vestigial teen angst, give 'em a whirl.

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