Open Your Ears: Sound Of The City's Night-By-Night Guide To The Best Of The Unsound Festival

Ahron Foster
Ital performs at Warsaw as part of the Bunker party on Friday.
The Unsound Festival, which place tonight through Sunday around New York, is defined by a belief in the thrills to be found in experimental eclecticism. The first New York edition of the festival (which originated in Krakow) took place in 2010 and has yet to disappoint, with one-of-a-kind programming and performances that split the difference between sit-down solemnity and spine-cracking propulsion.

In addition to musical performances, Unsound LABS will host a series of free talks exploring topics varying from vinyl mastering with dub techno legend Pole to the history of Miami bass music. For those looking to plunge into the festival's blissful unpredictability, SOTC has rounded up a selection of Unsound musical events, one for each day.

Animators (BamCinêmatek, 7 p.m., $15)
Warsaw-based Baaba slice and jangle through a live score to Polish animated films. The feints that weave through Baaba's work can devolve into sonic schizophrenics, but their playful, ramshackle constructions should meld well with the peculiar selection of films taken from the 1950s through the early '70s.

Singularity (Le Poisson Rouge, 11 p.m., $15/$20)
Live videos of Hype Williams (not the rap director, but the mysterious UK duo) show incense clouding the room while the duo of Dean Blunt and Inga Copland swerve from lurching synth washes to blubbering bass massages and every sample, siren, and provocation you can perceive in between. Paired with Actress, who shuffles confidently through glitchy explorations of bass and more traditional dance music forms, this showcase for deeply experimental artists should provoke significant dance-floor disorientation. Queasy metal noisemakers Next Life also are on the bill.

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