Live: Waka Flocka Flame Gets Up Close And Personal At The Bowery Hotel

Benjamin Lozovsky
Waka Flocka Flame is fully enjoying his moment. The Atlanta, Georgia rapper's party-pandering, floor-stomping assault has been a mainstay in the club since his quick rise in 2009 as a protégé of Gucci Mane, and with his second full-length release—Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family, due out in June—his party-rap takeover will most likely become even stronger. Need more proof? At a Spin-sponsored party (he's the latest issue's cover star), surrounded by taxidermy and baroque splendor, Flocka Flame turned the posh, tapestry-filled Bowery Hotel into a sweaty, foundation-shaking, crowd-surfing mess.

Benjamin Lozovsky
His personality hasn't hurt his appeal—it often seems more dynamic than his low-end bombing beats, and his unorthodox charm has helped him build an audience seemingly one person at a time. He stayed true to his upcoming album title by, on this night, focusing on his fans. Walking around gregariously before the show, he stopped for photos and chatted up anybody who came up to giddily say hello.

Benjamin Lozovsky
The energy in the upper floor of the downtown hotel was understated, if not detached—at least until Waka and his massive crew piled on stage to an instant eruption of flashes and fistpumps.

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