8 Craziest Eurovision Song Contest Entries of All Time

Last week, we gave you a basic rundown on the biggest annual non-sporting television event in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest, which is about to start up again, this time in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In our previous post, we put together a list of the ten best contest winners over its 56-year history. But over that same period -- and particularly in recent years -- some countries have sent some pretty outrageous acts to the competition. In this post, we'll look at some of the craziest, starting with #8, above, Estonia's 2008 entry, "Leto Svet" by Kreisiraadio.

This song asks that eternal question, what do you do if your camping hut runs out of gas? The obvious answer? Hump the piano.

7. Scooch, "Flying the Flag," 2007, UK

Someone actually thought it would be fun to turn one of the most annoying things in life -- going through security at the airport -- into a pop song. Oh my.

6. Zdob si Zdub, "Bunica bate doba," 2005, Moldova

Grandma on the drum: adorable.

5. Les Fatals Picards, "L'amour a la francaise," 2007, France

Is that a cat on his shoulder?

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