Listen To "Jumanji," The Dizzying New Track From Azealia Banks

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Azealia Banks, the LaGuardia alum who's made a name for herself in the hip-hop world thanks to her storming debut single "212" and her tendency to engage in real talk on Twitter (sparring partners have included Lil Kim, T.I., and Iggy Azalea), released a new single, "Jumanji," today, in advance of her EP 1991. Produced by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook, it's a horn-spangled, steel-drum-tinged boast, with Banks' voice taking on a harder edge that meshes well with the almost dreamlike sonics. Listen below.

And there might be a new version of it coming soon...

Aw. She was just excited! Who wouldn't be with those horns?

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Tryna sound like Elliot but sounds more like Minaj, nice work on the beat though Hudmo

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