Q&A: Ben Greenberg Of Hubble, The Men And ZS On "Cyber-Dread" And "Shred-Fi," Playing Guitar On His Bed-Stuy Rooftop, And Not Being A Boner

What is "quadraphonic electric guitar?"

Quadraphony is any audio system which contains four speakers playing discrete material, or four separate channels. Just as stereophony refers to a system of two discrete sources, coming out of two or more speakers, but two channels of audio is the main thing. My Quadraphonic setup for Hubble Superposition is very simple, I send my guitar signal to each of four speakers placed in the corners of a room, and each speaker is slightly delayed from the last, so the sound moves in a circular motion around the room. This opens up a myriad of exciting possibilities for a musician like me. I love feeling sound move around and manipulating its motion with my hands. It's almost a magic act.

Will Hubble always be just you solo? Will you add other players into the mix?

I've been working with a number of collaborators on material for my second full-length album. There aren't any specific release plans yet but keep your eyes peeled. I'll be releasing some interesting media involving other musicians before the end of the year.

You and Sam will be debuting new ZS material as a duo at Crossing Brooklyn Ferry. How is the new stuff different from the old?

The old stuff was like an old Soviet tank driving down Main Street; the new stuff is like a spaceship landing on City Hall.

Do you have something against drummers, since you do Hubble alone and ZS as a duo, at least for the Crossing Brooklyn Ferry gig?

Well, my first instrument was actually drums, so maybe it's not so much that I have something against drummers. But more that I'm rarely impressed by them. That said, I've had the pleasure of playing with the best drummers in the universe: Jeremy Villalobos, Alexander Perrelli, Brian Mcomber, Rich Samis, Ian Antonio, Ben Shapiro. I played with Ray Barretto once. He was a dick.

You recorded one of the best albums of last year, White Suns' Waking in the Reservoir. You seem to be in demand as a producer. What new recording gigs do you have on tap?

Hell yeah! That record slays. The new Pop. 1280 record The Horror fucking slays too, check that shit out! I've done seven or eight records since the beginning of the year, and I'm really stoked on all of them. Keep your Google searches pointed at Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, Pampers, Zulus, Sleepies, Organs, Rapstar, Patrick Breiner's Beyond Animals, Icon Chasm, Bad Credit No Credit. But honestly the upcoming projects I'm most stoked on are my own. We're heading upstate next week to start work on the next Men record, ZS is gonna start laying down tracks in Sam's basement after we get a few more shows under our belt with the new material, and I've been slowly amassing new Hubble recordings (including guitar/bass/drum jams and some acoustic jams) for the next LP. Oh yeah! And there's gonna be a Hubble 7" in the fall called Hubble Mingle. It's coming out on a new label out of D.C. called Company. They're sick bros and I'm stoked on it! It's two sides of stereo acoustic guitar jams. Super stoked!!!

ZS plays BAMCAFÉ Thursday, May 3rd as part of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
Hubble plays BAM Rose Cinemas Friday, May 4th as part of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry and The Stone Saturday, May 12th

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